ABA Law Office International Desk

India is one of the world's most dynamic and fast-growing economies and presents special challenges to both domestic and international business. ABA Law Office took an early initiative in assisting many start-ups /firms /companies to establish a presence in India.

The expertise and depth of knowledge of our team heads, dedicated professionals, makes it one of India's most significant nucleus of experienced heads and counsel, enabling it to consistently provide comprehensive legal advice and strategy.

South Asian Desk

Our South Asian practice provides clients with a seamless approach to corporate transactions and dispute resolution in the Asian region and India. Working alongside all of the leading law firms in South Asia, we routinely work with South Asian/Global clients in their corporate matters as well as their dispute resolution and intellectual property matters.

Our Advocates have worked in Singapore and are proficient in English. They have intuitive understanding of the culture and practices that affect the conduct of a transaction in this region. This allows them to deliver seamlessly in corporate transactions and dispute resolution. This sets our South Asian practice apart.

Few Highlights

Assisted & advised leading mobile applications for compliance viz mobile application agreements drafting for countries viz Singapore, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Europe, New-Zealand, UAE;

Assisted & advised top leading global companies for corporate /subsidiary establishment in Singapore and other South Asian countries;

Advised and assisted top leading individuals of India/Celebrities in various opinions for IP /South Asian Property Matters /Compliance and trade marks /copyright registrations /advisory /filings /opinion;

Advised & Assisted leading Pharmaceutical Company, for due diligence viz trading in international jurisdiction via exclusive distribution agreement with middle east countries;

Advised & Assisted Pharmaceutical Companies, for opinions viz trading in international jurisdiction via exclusive distribution agreement with middle east countries;

Advised and Assisted leading Agro based Companies for International Patent searches for countries including not limited to U.S.A., U.K., New-Zealand, China, Japan, Australia, South-East Asian Countries, Europe;

Advised & Assisted Individuals, for trade mark searches, trade mark registrations and advisory, filings, opinion.

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