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ABA Law Office is a premier multinational law firm with 4 off shoot offices across 4 metropolitan cities in India. For number of years the significant experience of its practice heads and associates has provided a broad range of legal services to domestic and international clients.

ABA Law Office was founded in 2017 under the strong leadership of Ms. Anushkaa Arora. Since our foundation we have been consistently committed to providing a wide range of legal solutions, mentioned in our practice areas. Our journey has been marked by stellar growth and recognition. We believe in providing complete client satisfaction with a result-driven approach.

ABA Law Office’s diverse client base includes many start-ups /companies /firms, publicly-listed companies, public-sector enterprises, privately-owned businesses, as well as many multinational and multilateral organizations and readily recognizable brand names from the U.S., Europe, Japan and ASEAN including well known and famous individual, celebrities etc.

India is one of the world's most dynamic and fast-growing economies and presents special challenges to both domestic and international business. ABA Law Office took an early initiative in assisting many start-ups /firms /companies to establish a presence in India. The expertise and depth of knowledge of our team heads, dedicated professionals, makes it one of India's most significant nucleus of experienced heads and counsel, enabling it to consistently provide comprehensive legal advice and strategy.

ABA Law Office has recognized achievements in areas such as complex litigation and hearings at various tribunals, trade marks, copyrights, patents, matrimonial, commercial, civil, writs, public interest litigation, project financing, corporate, banking, financial transactions, regulatory and various other issues. The firm has an in-depth understanding of national, local and regional legislation, rules and regulations along side international.

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5+ Practice Heads
20+ Members
5+ Offices
25+ Practice Areas
5K+ Satisfied Clients

Why you should choose us.

  • Know-How To Win: Our approach and way of working has always been solution oriented, as we have over 99% success rate in our practice areas.

  • Enduring Values: Our team has aligned goals and are highly responsible in their work areas.

  • IP Smart. Business Savvy. Client Connected: ABA Law Office is consistently ranked as leading law firm and has been Globally recognized.

  • Vision… to See Beyond Conflicts: Our Team has vast experience of over 15+ years in the legal field. The firm has been trusted by 5K+ satisfied clients.

  • Setting Precedent: We have 100% rate of completion of all the legal tasks that are associated to our practice areas.

  • Defining Success Together: Our teammates have high qualifications in their legal professions as well as completed their education from top law schools in India and Abroad.


ABA Law Office through Ms Anushkaa Arora, Endorsed Forbes India Legal Powerlist 2020 for Top 100 Leading Lawyers.

Awarded Ram Jethmalani excellence award for outstanding performance by the notable Late Sh Ram Jethmalani himself.

Received Masters in Law, LL.M. by President Halimah Yacob, Singapore (Anushkaa Arora).

Best Research Paper award, Overcoming the Vulnerability: Transgender ISSN 2278-473X.

Judged International leading Moots like the White & Case International Rounds,Jessup White & Case LLP, since 2017 and counting.

International Journal of Procedural Law Volume II/2021/01 titled Recent developments inadmissibility and proof of electronic evidence in India.

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Achieving Limitless with ABA Law Office

  • Know-How To Win
  • Enduring Values
  • Setting Precedent
  • You’ve Got Ideas. We Protect Them
  • IP Smart. Business Savvy. Client Connected
  • Vision… to See Beyond Conflicts
  • Defining Success Together
  • Straight Talk Is Good Business
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